WWMC 2021 Tournament Schedule
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These are now confirmed dates and times.
See side-by-side Men's & Women's clubs schedules.

    # Day Date Time Rules Links       (sunrise-sunset)
    0   Thursday     03/18/2021       7:00pm     Kick-off Meeting 1 - - Information Document
    0   Tuesday     03/23/2021       7:00pm     Kick-off Meeting 2
    1   Sunday     04/18/2021       7:48am     Pandemic ABCD --Cancelled by weather--
    2   Saturday     05/01/2021     10:00am     Uncle Woody ABCD     (6:00am-7:55pm) --Completed--
    3   Sunday     05/16/2021       6:00pm     Match Play signup ends - - Handicap Calculations --in Progress--
    4   Saturday     05/15/2021       7:00am     Nassau     (5:45am-8:08pm) --Completed--
    5   Sunday     05/30/2021       6:30am     Memorial     (5:34am-8:21pm) --Completed--
    6   Saturday     06/12/2021     11:00am     Blind Draw     (5:31am-8:29pm) --Completed--
    7   Sunday     06/27/2021     11:00am     Skins     (5:34am-8:32pm) --Completed--
    8   Saturday     07/10/2021       6:00am     Stableford     (5:41am-8:29pm) --Completed--
    9   Sunday     07/25/2021     10:36am     ABCD Event     (5:53am-8:19pm) --Completed--
  10   Fri-Sun     08/6,7,8       varies     Club Championship     (6:05am-8:06pm) --Completed--
  11   Sunday     08/22/2021       6:48am     Men's Club - (4-member scramble) fundraiser for Hope House     (6:19am-7:46pm) --Completed--
  12   Saturday     09/11/2021       7:24am     Ryder Cup         Calcutta (on Thursday)     (6:38am-7:14pm)
  13   Sunday     09/19/2021       7:36am     The Drop Zone     (6:45am-7:01pm)
  14   Saturday     10/02/2021       8:00am     That's Gold, Jerry! Tournament     (6:57am-6:42pm)
  15   Thursday     11/11/2021       6:00pm     Year End Banquet
Payouts in rules sheets are from previous years.
Payouts will be determined by size of field.
Courses in rules sheets are from previous years and subject to change.
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