Ryder Cup

Saturday September 12, 2020

Calcutta Thursday Sept 10th 6:00pm

(I want to get 100 players = 50 teams with 5 flights)

FORMAT – 27 Holes      10 Stroke Differential in Effect


I cannot stress this point enough. Play fast. Sunset is at 7:13pm. Our last tee time will be about noon.

We are playing 27 holes. When I finish playing I will take a cart and check on pace of play.

When you finish a hole, move quickly to the next tee. Play ready golf.


Handicap allowances are based upon current USGA recommendations.


Sleeping Indian = Best Ball (low net score of team counts). Pops will be on scorecard. Each player gets 85% handicap.

Cottonwood = Modified Alternate Shot, also known as Greensomes. Both members of the team hit drives, a drive is selected, and the two then play alternate shots to the hole.  The golfer whose drive was not chosen hits the second shot. Alternate shots until ball is holed. Your team score is your gross score minus a calculated Alternate Shot Team Handicap. Team Handicap = 60%A + 40%B.

Silo = 2 Man Scramble  (Placing the ball is allowed within 1 club length of selected shot – no closer to hole) (On the putting surface, 1 putter head length is allowed). Our normal scramble rules apply. Ball in rough must stay in rough. Ball in bunker must stay in bunker. Ball in penalty area must remain in penalty area. Your team score is your gross score minus a calculated Scramble Team Handicap. Scramble handicap = 35%A  + 15%B.

Remember, handicaps are 9 hole handicaps.

All play from Iron tees.   

Current list of teams with associated handicaps based on current handicap indices.

Payouts (100playersx$20 + $800 = $2800/5 flights = $560/4 winners = $140/team)

4 Teams win in each flight: Overall Winner (sum of scores on each 9 hole format), Best Ball 9 Winner, Alternate Shot 9 Winner, and Scramble 9 Winner.  Teams will only be able to win one category, winners selected in the above order. $140 each team winner.


Look here for scorecard, cup, and bunker information. (Note: relief rule in disturbed bunkers allowed because no rakes)


On all but the scramble format (Silo), play the ball as it lies, and play the course as you find it.


All teams start on tee #1: Indian = Best Ball, Cottonwood = Alt Shot, and Silo = Scramble.


You will have 3 cards for each team, one card for each 9 hole format.  Enter scores into Golf Genius as you play.