Sunday, July 26, 2020 (6am start)

Probably 96 players, 2 flights of 12 teams with 4 players



4 Man ABCD Team Event - Stroke Play (computer picks the teams)

Playing from the Iron Tees80% Handicap Allowance

D player will play from the Silver tees


Team score is as follows:


1 Net Score on Par 5s (except #18)

2 Net Scores on Par 4s

3 Net Scores on Par 3s

On hole #18 all players net scores count


PAYOUTS (96x$20=$1920 + $800 = $2720/2 = $1360 per flight)

Paying 5 places in each flight


1st Place - $460 per team (money depends on number of players in the field)

2nd Place - $340 per team

3rd Place - $260 per team

4th Place - $180 per team

5th Place - $120 per team


SCORECARDS (do not send a card to me, Golf Genius is official)

Look here for scorecard, cup, and bunker information.

Once entered into Golf Genius, it will calculate team score.


Enter raw scores for all players on each hole. The net team score Ė 1 for par 5s except for 18, total of 2 net scores for par 4s, total of 3 net scores for par 3s, and the total of all 4 net scores on #18.