Blind Draw Ė Stroke Play

Saturday, June 13th, 2020

First tee time will be about 6am



Stroke Play

4 Flights 24 players in each flight.

Flight 1 = A players

Flight 2 = B players

Flight 3 = C players

Flight 4 = D players



Default tees are Iron.

You can choose other tees (Copper or Silver) if desired.

Just let me know in advance.

Your handicap will be adjusted for the tees you play.

It is up to you to remember where to play during the round.



100% Course Handicap will apply

Blind Draw Partner in your flight will be selected at random by computer

Combined Net Total Scores for both players


Paying 5 places in each flight (calculated based on 96 players 4 flights 12 teams/flight)


1st Place - $180 per team

2nd Place - $145 per team

3rd Place - $120 per team

4th Place - $85 per team

5th Place - $50 per team


Closet to Pin competition on all Par 3s ($25 Individual Payout) (if allowed)



Look here for scorecard information.