The Memorial Tournament

Sunday, May 31, 2020



Two Man Net Best Ball - Stroke Play

80% Handicap, 10 Stroke Differential in Effect

4 Flights (of 12 teams) – Playing from the Iron Tees (a few playing from Silver Tees)

All playing Indian/Cottonwood



Team score is the lower Net score of the two Team players.



Paying 5 places in each flight (calculated based on 96 players 4 flights 12 teams/flight)


1st Place - $180 per team

2nd Place - $145 per team

3rd Place - $120 per team

4th Place - $85 per team

5th Place - $50 per team


No Closest to the Pin on all Par 3s (not  allowed under COVID-19 rules)


NO Team Net Skins Game (no skins until COVID-19 rules relaxed)



Enter raw scores for both players on each hole – Golf Genius will calculate everything.

Both teams keep track of all 4 scores on paper scorecard.

At end of round, verify scores, then enter scores into Golf Genius.

I do not need a copy of any scorecard.

Golf Genius entry will be official.

Do not post your score to GHIN, Golf Genius will do that at the end of day.



There have been changes to the cup. Instead of a “cap” over the hole, there is now a “plate” setting on top of the cup liner. Therefore, the ball can fall in about 1 inch below the surface of the green. Unfortunately, the ball can also “bounce” off the plate and leave the hole. Thus, use some judgement as to if the ball would have stayed in. If the ball does not touch the plate, it probably would not have fallen in the hole. If it bounces off the plate at a reasonable speed, it should be counted.



There are still no rakes in the bunkers. If your lie is in an unraked area (e.g. footprints), take relief by dropping the ball (from knee height) at the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole.