Nassau Tournament

Saturday May 16, 2020


Individual Stroke Play Event with 6 flights


Flight 1 will play from the Copper Tees on Cottonwood/Silo

Flights 2 & 3 will play from the Iron Tees on Cottonwood/Silo

Flights 4 & 5 will play from the Iron Tees on Cottonwood/Silo

Flight 6 will play from the Silver Tees on Cottonwood/Silo


6 winners paid per flight ($65 each): In the following order

Total 18†††††† low gross†††† low net

Front 9†††††††† low gross†††† low net

Back 9†††††††† low gross†††† low net


You can only win 1 of the 6 (ties will tried to be broken in some fair way)


NO closest to the Pin on all Par 3s (because of COVID-19 rules)



Scoring will be via Golf Genius.

Always enter raw score on each hole. (Golf Genius will apply necessary adjustments)

1 printed scorecard will be available for each group of 4 players.

1 person will be responsible for entering scores on Golf Genius.

1 person will score on the supplied scorecard (this card will show pops).

The other 2 players should keep track of all 4 player scores on a regular scorecard.

When finished, you should compare each hole score to those entered on Golf Genius.

You should all agree before you leave the course.

Remember, each player in your group is your opponent.

It behooves you to make sure the scores are correct.

I do not need a physical or copy of the scorecard returned to me.



COVID-19 POP - Remember to NOT crowd the group in front of you. (haha)