Match Play

Signup cutoff date: Saturday May 30th, 2020


Signup date has been delayed to May 30th because of COVID-19.

This year we will not have a scheduled first day of match play.

Often there are players who cannot make the date because of graduations.

Thus, you are required to sign up by the above date.

Pairings will then be made and it is up to the players to schedule when to play.

Pairings will be made based upon the handicaps as of the date above.

You can play whichever courses you decided upon.

Use the tees defined below for your particular flight.

Because of the new handicap system this year (WHS), your handicap will change each time you post a score.

Because of that, you are required to create your own scorecard with the proper pops based upon your handicaps on the day of play.

If you need assistance, please ask. The GHIN app should help you.


Flight 1                    Copper Tees         

Flight 2                    Iron Tees               

Flight 3                   Iron Tees               

Flight 4                    Iron Tees

Flight 5                   Iron Tees    

Flight 6                   Silver Tees            


Head to head match play over 18 holes to progress to the next round.

Strokes given are based on handicap differential – and the ‘odd number’ stroke is always on the front 9.

Example: Player A has a course handicap of 10, player B is 13 – differential is 3. They are playing Sleeping Indian/Cottonwood.

Those 3 strokes are taken on stroke index holes 1&2 on the front nine (#5 & #2) and index 1 on the back nine (#11).

In subsequent rounds, the current handicaps should be used.


DATES: (these are suggested dates and not required)

            Mid June -       finish 1st round

            Mid July -       finish 2nd round

            Mid August -  finish 3rd round

            Mid Sept -       finish 4th round

No set dates are identified when you need to play. You are all adults. Please don’t dawdle!

If you are having difficulty arranging play dates, please contact me.



Payouts: 1st=$200, 2nd=$150, 3rd=$50, $50 each flight ($450x6=$2700 = 96x$20 +$780)

As one of our “majors” – we also award a trophy to winners of each flight



Please total and indicate the winner.

Take a picture of the scorecard and email it to me (

Please post your scores to GHIN as a Tournament score as soon as you finish.

This is the only tournament where you are responsible for posting your score.



There have been changes to the cup. Instead of a “cap” over the hole, there is now a “plate” setting on top of the cup liner. Therefore, the ball can fall in about 1 inch below the surface of the green. Unfortunately, the ball can also “bounce” off the plate and leave the hole. Thus, use some judgement as to if the ball would have stayed in. If the ball does not touch the plate, it probably would not have fallen in the hole. If it bounces off the plate at a reasonable speed, it should be counted.



There are still no rakes in the bunkers. If your lie is in an unraked area (e.g. footprints), take relief by dropping the ball (from knee height) at the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole.