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OUT of BOUNDS Rules (there has been confusion about this)

If you hit a ball out-of-bounds, for tournament play, you must hit from the previous spot. During non-tournament play, you may use the option where you drop in the fairway with a 2 stroke penalty. See how to do that here.




There has been some confusion about the scorecards during COVID-19.

All official scoring will be done using Golf Genius.

One official scorecard will be supplied for your foursome.

One person should keep score on that scorecard.

The other 3 players WILL keep score for all 4 players on a regular course scorecard.

Enter raw scores for all players on each hole – Golf Genius will calculate everything.


Read the rules supplied for each tournament. The default tees are specified for each flight.

If you have requested special tees (Silver instead of Iron), play from the tees you requested.

It is your responsibility to know your handicap index and what your course handicap should be.

View the official scorecard and if you believe it is in error, contact me and it will be corrected.

But play from the tees you have requested.


At the end of the round, all players verify all scorecards.

Someone (using the Golf Genius phone app) enter the scores for your foursome.

Each player keep your scorecard for at least a day (in case I need to contact you).

If no one in the group has the ability to enter the scores via Golf Genius,

take a picture of the scorecard and email or text it to me:

        Email = gregory.hand@gmail.com   phone = 720-333-1650


Posting Scores to Golf Genius

After logging into to Golf Genius, your phone should look like this:

To enter scores, click the “ENTER SCORES” button, find your group, and enter the scores, hole by hole. You can either do this during play, or after you finish the round.

After scores are entered (it may take a few minutes for totals to update), you can click “SCORECARDS” to view totals and make sure totals match your card. If not, you may have entered an incorrect score. This can be fixed by going back to “ENTER SCORES” and fixing the error. “SCORECARDS” will only show 1 group at a time. You will have to select your group at the top of the display.

If leaderboard has been turned on, you can look at results by clicking “LEADERBOARD”.

All players should look at “SCORECARDS” after scores have been entered and verify that the scores are correct. Either correct the scores or contact me.


Do not post your score to GHIN, Golf Genius will do that at the end of day.

If you are still playing Match Play, you should post those scores yourself to GHIN.



No flagstick restriction. You can remove the flagstick if desired.

Make sure you hole your ball. Do not pick up a 3 inch putt.



Try to play bunkers as per the rules of golf now.

Some bunkers are missing rakes or rakes are too far for some to use.

If you (and your group) feel you are in an unfair disturbed area, you can take relief.

Do this by placing your ball in the nearest clear point. We feel dropping the ball can cause it to imbed.

This may violate the Rules of Golf, but makes it fairer under the current conditions.

As per the new Rules of Golf (2019), you can remove loose impediments. These include rocks, leaves, sticks, trash.



There have been some reports of players teeing their ball in front of the tee markers.

Please do not do this. I quote from the Rules:

If you play from in front of or outside the tee-markers in stroke play, you incur a two-shot penalty, and must then play a ball from the correct teeing area before making a stroke to begin another hole, or, if you are on your final hole, before you return your scorecard. The penalty escalates from two strokes to disqualification if you fail to do this.


In match play, there is no penalty, but your opponent may immediately request that you cancel the stroke and play another ball from within the correct teeing area. The likelihood of this will probably depend on how good your original shot was, but if you have knocked it close on a par 3, it would be fair to assume that you will be asked to replay the shot. If, however, you have despatched it into dense jungle, don’t be too surprised if you are not asked to play again!



We have had conditions where there was heavy rain the night before and conditions were cart path only.

Some players requested “Lift-Clean-Place”. We will try to evaluate this more liberally in the future.

This will only be allowed in “Closely mowed areas”. Not in the rough.