The Stableford Tournament

Saturday July 10, 2021

(Probably 6 flights of 16 players = 96 player limit)



Individual stroke play using the modified Stableford scoring system


SCORING (100% Handicap Allowance)

The highest Point total wins – points are awarded on each hole as follow
(for your NET score)

Double Bogey or worse    0 points
Bogey                                    1 point
Par                                          2 points
Birdie                                     4 points
Eagle                                      7 points
Double Eagle                       11 points                             

On your scorecards you will enter gross score for each hole. When scores are entered into Golf genius, Stableford calculations will be made.

·      Flight 1 will play Copper tees

·      Flights 2-5 will play Iron tees

·      Flight 6 will play Silver tees

PAYOUTS (96x$20=$1920 + $600 = $2520/6=$420) (this is last year payouts, may be different)

Paying 6 places in each flight ($110, 90, 75, 60, 50, 35) = ($420/flight)


SCORECARDS (do not send a card to me, Golf Genius is official)

Look here for scorecard, cup, and bunker information.

Once entered into Golf Genius, it will calculate Stableford scoring.