Skins Tournament

Sunday, June 27, 2021 (6am start)



Individual Stroke Play Event

Skins competition within your foursome


$5(1st 6), $6(2nd 6), $7(last 6) per hole

$108 to be won in each foursome

If only a threesome ¾ of above per Hole for a

Total of $81 ($3.75, $4.50, $5.25)

This payout is pro shop credit, not cash as in optional skin games.

(Note: more than previous years because no Closest to Pin)


3 groups play Copper tees, 4 groups play Silver tees, the rest play Iron tees (no options of mixed tees!)


To win a skin you must win the hole outright – and pushes carry over until a hole is won

Any skins left at the end are divided among all 4/3 players

Handicaps apply – you wheel of the low guy in your group

Most groups are the same or separated by 1 or 2 strokes

(i.e. if the group handicaps are 10/10/11/12 – they play as 0/0/1/2 – and those are the holes with the strokes.)


Since this is a stroke play event, play your ball out for your score.

Don’t pick up until you have exceeded your maximum score for that hole. (Net-Double-Bogey)

Your score will be posted to GHIN by the Men’s Club.


Play the ball as it lies, and play the course as you find it. (with COVID exceptions)



Look here for scorecard, cup, and bunker information.


Once entered into Golf Genius, it will calculate everything.