Uncle Woody Tournament

Saturday May 1, 2021

 ?? players, ? flight of ?? teams with 4 players


Format:  Modified Scramble with mixed foursomes.

Ø  On Each hole, One Player will be Uncle Woody and play his own ball for Gross score.

Remember, the Uncle Woody player plays his ball down like real golf (no fluffing the lie).

Ø  His three Partners will play a 3-Man Scramble for their score.

Ø  Team score on each hole is the sum of Uncle Woody’s and the team scramble score….

EXCEPT on #9 & #18 which will be played as a 4-man scramble and therefore only one score recorded.


Know the holes you are playing as “Uncle Woody”

They are shaded on your scorecard


A plays the 4 hardest handicap rated holes from the Iron tees. (#2, 5, 11, 14)

       (Since this is a friendly tournament, we do not want to stress higher handicap A players from the Copper tees).

B plays handicap 5-8 holes from the Iron tees. (#4, 7, 10, 13)

C plays handicap 9-12 holes from the Silver tees. (#1, 3, 12, 16)

D plays handicap 13-16 holes from the Silver tees. (#6, 8, 15, 17)

The 9th holes from each side are removed from the handicap consideration.

In the scramble group:

   A & B always play from the Iron tees.

   C & D always plays from Silver tees.




Look here for scorecard, cup, and bunker information.




On holes 1-8 or 10-17 record the Uncle Woody score, scramble score and the team total. On holes 9 & 18 the scramble score and team total (they should be the same!!) Please enter scores into Golf Genius.


PAYOUTS (??x$20=$???? + $??? = $???? for ? flight)

? places – $ depends on number of players



POP - Remember to keep pace with the group in front of you – the first player to hit in your foursome should be ready to swing as soon as the coast is clear!