2021 Season Kick-off Information





For those of you who could not make it to one of the Kick-Off meetings, this document will detail the information presented.


Lots of information exists on the club website:



All registration, tee times, scoring, and results are done on the Golf Genius site:


After you log into Golf Genius, please look at your profile information.

You get there by selecting:

Member Portal


Golfer Profile

Please make sure your date of birth and phone number are correct.

Where it says “HomePhone”, make sure it is your Cell Phone so you can be contacted if necessary.

At lease one person is only 1 year old (Al Walker)!


When you post scores from play outside tournaments, use the GHIN website:



Become familiar with these 3 websites.

Golf Genius and GHIN have apps you should install on your mobile phones.


Looking at www.westwoodsmensclub.com we can introduce the WWMC board:


Please contact any of them with questions or concerns.


Also, how to register for tournaments:


Note that it is very important that if you register for a tournament to show up.

As with last year we will be limited to 96 players per tournament.

That means 24 tee times at 12 minutes per tee time off 1 tee, which is almost 5 hours.

Last year some tournaments filled up within days. If you want to play, sign up quickly.


Local Rules Information:


This shows how to enter scores for your foursome during a tournament.

It also discusses the cup and bunker rules.

It is hoped that at some point this year we will be able to remove the pin for putting,

But that is up to the clubhouse and Jeffco Health.

Since rakes currently do not exist in bunkers, you are getting special relief.


Scorecard example: http://westwoodsmensclub.com/indian_cottonwood.jpg

When you play in a WWMC tournament and scoring is done thru Golf Genius, it takes care of abnormal scores.

When you post your own score to GHIN, you are limited to a Net Double Bogey on any hole.

Thus, you must know how to calculate your Course Handicap and know which holes you get pops on.

Notice that (in Yellow) the course Rating/Slope has changed. I do not know when new cards will arrive.

This example shows a handicap index of 4.6 playing from Iron tees has a course handicap of 3.

Pops are highlighted on holes 2, 5, and 11.

On hole #2, a raw score of 9 is limited to a Net Double Bogey of 8 for posting a score to GHIN.

On hole #4, a raw score of 7 is limited to a Net Double Bogey of 6 for posting a score to GHIN.

If you want to see how the “sausage” is made on handicap calculations, look at:



Look over the rules links for each tournament to understand the different formats.


At the bottom of the http://westwoodsmensclub.com/ website are more links to general rules changes that happened last year.

There is a Hole-by-Hole discussion of each hole at West Woods:


This will be updated as I see how the course is marked for play this year (if the snow ever melts).




Greg Hand, your 2021 Tournament Director (gregory.hand@gmail.com)