2021 Season Kick-off Meeting

Thursday March 18, 2021 at 7:00pm

Or (please attend only one)

Tuesday March 23, 2021 at 7:00pm

Show up at 6:00/6:30pm if you want food

There are 2 different meetings because only 35 allowed at one time because of current COVID rules in place




Greetings. Despite the weather, the 2021 WWMC season is rapidly approaching.


Please join us at West Woods Restaurant for a Season Kick-off gathering.


WHEN: Thursday MARCH 18, 2021 or Tuesday March 23, 2021. Please sign up for only 1 meeting.


TIME: 6:00/6:30pm (if you want food).The meeting will start about 7:00pm


Here are the COVID rules for being at the meeting:


Required COVID Safety Guidelines and Restrictions

Contact list

Client is responsible to collect contact information of guests or attendees through tactics like taking reservations, requiring RSVPs, or having sign-in sheets,

and times of arrival and departure to help with potential exposure notification.

Guest entry into building

Guests to enter through the main restaurant doors

Masks are required upon entry

6' social distancing is required upon entry

Temperature taking will be administered at entry

Private room

Guests must be queued by client to remain 6' apart while at registration or greeting table to pace entry to prevent congestio n

Maximum seating capacity in the Private Room is up to a maximum of 39 guests

Tables must stay in the existing set to accommodate the maximum guests and proper distance between tables

Guests must be seated to eat or drink - mingling with beverages is not allowed

Masks are required at all times unless individuals are actively eating or drinking and seated at tables

Guests may not approach the bar to order food or beverages, food and beverages may be ordered from the guests seated at their designated table

Guests moving from table to table is not allowed

Attendees should refrain from mixing and mingling with others not in their household during events as much as possible.

Attendees should maintain at least 6 feet of physical distancing from others as much as possible.

Speakers must be masked when addressing the group and maintain a 12' distance from individuals

Microphones are not allowed at this time


The schedule for the 2021 season can be found at:




and also on the Golf Genius site:



All tournament information will be through Golf Genius.

Please download the Golf Genius app onto your smartphone.

When tournaments open for signup, you will receive an email for easy signup.

If you have difficulty with Golf Genius, please contact me for assistance.


On this web page are tournament dates, start times, rules links, board members, and the 2021 WWMC application.

Also, there are links to the 2019 USGA Rules of Golf. Be aware there have been many changes to the Rules of Golf that took effect last year.

Please read this information.


We will have applications on hand - bring a friend, get them to sign up (and write a check).


Be aware that if you are not currently a member for 2021, your GHIN and Golf Genius login will be disabled around April 15, 2021 (no joke).


You will soon receive an invite by email to sign up for this event. This is the same way tournament sign up will work.

Please sign up so that we will have a head count for the restaurant.

Only 35 are allowed in the room at one time.


See you there!


Greg Hand, your 2021 Tournament Director (gregory.hand@gmail.com)