Match Play Handicap Calculation

Use the Handicap Indices the day you play





Calculation using GHIN app

If you want to use the GHIN mobile app, it requires just a little effort.

1.    Use the “Golfer Lookup” to find your opponent.

2.    Click on the “star” and that puts him in your list of players.

3.    Select “Course Handicap Calculator” .

4.    Choose course to be played.

5.    “Select Golfers” and “Add Golfers” to activate your opponent.

6.    Then, under your name, “Select tees”.

It will then show the CH (Course Handicap) for each player.


If you both have the GHIN app, you can also just use it to calculate your own CH and share results.


Calculation using formula

If you know each players Handicap Index (HI), here is how you calculate course handicap (CH):


CH = HI x slope/113 + par_rating – 72


Each tee has an associated “par_rating” and “slope”.

e.g. Indian/Cottonwood Copper tees are 72.2/136  (par_rating/slope).

e.g. Indian/Cottonwood Iron tees are 69.6/127  (par_rating/slope).

e.g. Indian/Cottonwood Silver tees are 66.0/117  (par_rating/slope).


Example: HI = 4.1

CH (Copper tees) = 4.1x136/113 + 72.2 – 72 = 5.13 = 5

CH (Iron tees) = 4.1x127/113 + 69.6 – 72 = 2.21 = 2

CH (Silver tees) = 4.1x117/113 + 66.0 – 72 = -1.75 = -2   (you know -2 really means +2 in golf terms)


So you can see the different tees can (and do) make a big difference.



Who gets strokes on which holes

Once you have the Course Handicaps of the two players (CH1 & CH2), the player with the higher handicap gets the number of strokes differential (i.e. POPs = CH1-CH2)

If POPs is even, such as 6, you get 3 strokes on the front 9 and 3 strokes on the back 9.

If POPs is odd, such as 5, you get 3 strokes on the front 9 and 2 strokes on the back 9.

Look at the scorecard to determine the hole difficulty under “Men’s Handicap”.

A normal 18 hole course has them labeled 1-18 in difficulty (1 being hardest).

West Woods, because it is 3 different 9 hole courses, has each course labeled 1-9.


Calculating your maximum score on a hole for posting score to GHIN

When you play a normal West Woods tournament and scoring is done with Golf Genius your maximum score on a hole is calculated before scores are sent to GHIN.

This year (a change from previous years) the maximum score on any hole for posting is a Net-Double-Bogey.

Thus, you need to remember your Course Handicap (from calculations done above) to determine which holes you get strokes on for this purpose.

Again, puts pops on your card as appropriate. If you are a 21 handicap, you get 1 pop and every hole, plus an extra pop on the two hardest holes of the front 9, plus and extra pop on the hardest hole on the back 9.

If you score a 10 on a par 5 where you get 2 pops, your maximum score (for posting) is Net-Double-Bogey.

Which for a par 5 would be 5+2+2=9 (2 for Double-Bogey and 2 for the 2 pops).